A Celtic Franciscan Monk

About Brother Sean, His Service and History

Br. Sean“It is my heart’s understanding that we embrace the Interspirituality of these Teachers, recognizing that the Ultimate message is one of Love.  Love for oneself, and for one’s neighbor. Through the example of St. Francis of Assisi, Jesus, The Barefoot Galilean and others, that we model our lives on simplicity, striving to be stewards of Mother Earth, Gaia, and to be of service wherever we can as a child of God in divine service to God.”

– The Celtic Franciscan Monk, Brother Sean

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Brother Sean was born in Glasgow and brought up in Dublin. Throughout his life he felt he was being guided and that his life was mapped out. At the age of 16 he entered a monastic community and became a qualified nursing monk. Although he left the monastic community when he was 24, he continued nursing for a further 30 years until a major breakdown became his breakthrough. He retrained as a sacred garden designer, incorporating the Angel (Feng Shui) Healing Bagua, empowering clients and students to self heal by adopting the core values of this sacred Divine Blueprint given to him by the Angelic Realms in 1998.

Today, Brother Sean has been guided in his heart to live as an enclosed Franciscan contemplative monk who believes that simplicity and a childlike trust is important in one’s availability and vulnerability on his spiritual pathway to Source. Guided by his love of the Cosmic Christ, Magdalene, Mother Mary, St. Therese of Lisieux and Saint Francis of Assisi, he is empowered to embrace the Natural World–the Franciscan soul in his own healing process.

Over many years of soul searching for a meaning to life’s greatest mysteries, he now upholds the simple view that ‘everything is possible for God,’ if we just learn to surrender our hearts to God in childlike trust. For the soul who is seeking personal intimacy with one’s God, then we are challenged to make positive adjustments in our daily lives which will enable the Sacred to touch our hearts, regardless of where we are at in life.

Brother Sean, a Celtic, Franciscan, Interspiritual Monk, is committed to raising spiritual awareness of himself and others regardless of any religious persuasion. He perceives that his brand of spirituality is an additional sacred tool that is a practical approach to the Spiritual Gardening of the soul as demonstrated by Saint Francis of Assisi. Brother Sean’s Spirituality embraces the old as well as the modern belief systems that embrace the Divine within man and creation. Many spiritual pathways have been absorbed by his faith journey to Source!