Online & Telephone Support

Let me awaken the Spirit of Divine Love within your heart and soul!



The advent of modern technology, incorporating online and telephone conferencing, now provides many of our clients who are facing major life challenges the professional assurances that someone does actually care about their emotional, physical, psychological and spiritual needs.

In addition to running a range of courses in holistic energy medicine, healing, and spiritual retreats, Br. Sean also facilitates telephone conferencing offering clients a two way interactive Therapeutic / Healing session by appointment. These sessions are another vehicle whereby the client has access 24 hours a day to a professional service ensuring confidentiality with the opportunity to ‘self-heal.’

Br. Sean graduated as a Sacred Garden Designer using Holism and Energy Medicine. The ancient teachings of the ancient Essenes some 8000 years together with the Angel (Feng Shui) healing Bagua were instrumental in guiding Sean to incorporate these ancient Divine Blueprints as additional sacred tools in his work as an eclectic practitioner and designer.

Brother Sean will not turn anyone away because of not being able to pay – love donations are acceptable.  Clients who are unemployed or on a statutory benefit can access the advice from Brother Sean for a donation.


Telephone Consultations with Brother Sean

30 minute Healing Session: ₤30.00

60 minute Consultation / Healing Session: ₤65.00

When you pay for a ‘1 to 1’ telephone session with Brother Sean, he will send an e-mail confirming an appointment (Date and Time) for you to contact Sean directly. Or, you can arrange for Br. Sean to phone you at the agreed time to help save your telephone costs.


About Online/Telephone Counseling
With the accessibility of the Internet, both in the work place and the home, many counselors now offer online counseling support. This can be done as back up to your regular sessions, or a service that is provided purely on the Internet: via emails, websites, Skype and/or telephone support.

There are pros and cons to this method of counseling and is all dependent on the individual. You may prefer face-to-face conversations; you may feel that you could be more honest and open if you do not have to be face-to-face. You may feel more committed if you make regular face-to-face contact. Or you may be just as encouraged by the online option.