Online Courses

Online Courses

All courses are online and taken at the students’ own pace. Full tutorial support is given by Brother Sean. Click the titles below for more detailed information about the course of interest.

Costs listed below were the original purchase price. Brother Sean will happily accept love donations – contact him for more info!

Angelic Healing Course For Beginners (Cost: £95.00)

Difemasic Practical Healing For Beginners (Cost: £95.00)

The Tree of Life Healing Course: (Cost: £299.95)

Diploma In Essenic Medicine For Practitioners: (Cost: £560.00)

Creating an Angel Peace Oasis Garden To Self Heal: (Cost: £450.00)

Spiritual Olympians for the Source: The I AM Presence: (Cost: £499.00)

Reawaken Your Soul’s Potential, Intuitive Spiritual Development: (Cost: £399.00)

Mystical Relationships & Divine Partnerships: (Cost: £299.00)

Eclectic Spirituality & Holistic Energy Medicine For Therapists: (Cost: £199.00)