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Watch, Listen, and even Join Br. Sean Live!

Video Libraries and Online Prayer

One aspect of Brother Sean’s ministry is in offering an invitation to the public to watch, listen to or even join him live, online!

YOUTUBE Watch online videos and presentations at Brother Sean’s YouTube Channel!

AUDIOBOO Listen to podcasts and meditative messages over at the Celtic Franciscan Monk’s Audioboo station.

LIVESTREAM Join Brother Sean online for the Franciscan Soulmates for Peace Soiree! Log in to chat live while presentations are in session: Tuesdays, Fridays and Sundays just before Midnight – 11:59 pm (GMT), 7:00 pm (EST).


CD Downloads

Brother Sean’s CD Downloads
Details about each CD Download can be accessed HERE.

  • Heal Yourself with the Christ Energy Talk on 2012 with a guided meditation embracing the RISEN COSMIC CHRIST ENERGIES
  • Your Wounded Child Is Your Teacher
  • Angelic Healing Meditations: 2 beautiful meditations to self heal
  • Communicating with Angels to self heal
  • Embracing Your Inner Essence -4 relaxation exercises for stress, etc.
  • Four Seasons Healing Meditations (4 healing meditations representing the Four Seasons with Archangels Michael, Gabriel, Uriel and Raphael)
  • The Angel Healing Series (Double CD Download)
  • Angel Gardens: Learn from brother Sean’s gift from the Archangel Metatron on how to use the Angel Bagua and Healing trigram to work with the colour and essences of plants, etc., to self heal.
  • The Angel Teaching Series – Double CD Download)


Other Links

Tau Cross Tau Community of Saint Francis

Interspiritual Franciscans – An online, lay monastic community of brothers and sisters who embrace Celtic, Interspiritual Franciscan Spirituality from our monastery without walls.