Franclara Abbey of Peace and Compassion

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The Franclara Abbey of Peace and Compassion has its very own webpage: Click HERE.

The concept of the Tau Community of St. Francis & Clare was conceived in 2006 by Rev. Brother Sean Bradley, and modeled after the Peace and Simplicity of Saint Francis of Assisi.  It was envisioned as a Community that would be inclusive of all, not denying admission to anyone with a sincere heart. The Tau Community is an online, interspiritual circle of soul companions, a lay order of monastics serving in Love, in the spirit of Saint Francis and Saint Clare of Assisi. We honor all spiritual traditions, and lovingly welcome all into our mystic community, encouraging every member to share in the unimaginable power of grace.

Beyond our commitment to one another as an online Franciscan Community of lay monastics, we have a vision of establishing a physical monastery called the “Franclara Abbey of Peace and Compassion” initially in the United Kingdom, but ideally, Franclara Abbeys will be established all over the world to help foster Peace and Compassion in every country.

This vision of establishing the Franclara Abbey of Peace and Compassion can only be built through the generous Love and Financial Support of our Benefactors.  We ask you to pray for the Tau Community in undertaking this endeavor, and for your assistance, whether it be in sharing this website with your Friends and Family via social media or email, or perhaps you have the ability to make a donation of money or land to help make this possible.  We are grateful for the opportunity to pray for you and work together to help make this dream become a reality!

Please email Br. Sean to make arrangements for donations or to discuss the possibility of leaving the Tau Community in your Estate Plan.

Thank You!


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