Making a Celtic Franciscan Retreat Led by Brother Sean

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Making a Celtic Franciscan Retreat  

So, what does a Franciscan Retreat consist of?

Firstly, it embraces the Divine within your soul and instead of feeling afraid of the Divine, there is an insatiable longing within the soul to return to its’ spiritual home. As with all faith journeys, there is a sense of real expectancy to receive a miracle and live in an eternal euphoric state of mind.

Franciscan spirituality is unlike anything else! It is spirituality that is practical, accessible, effortless and affordable for all who ask for it. It embraces the ancient principles and values of all the world’s major religions placing an emphasis, not on academia, but more on giving the heart permission to breathe and Be!

A Franciscan retreat in the 21st century is an encounter with God that has no beginning or end. It is open and yet, it is endless for the soul in search of clarity and truth. Unlike many other retreats, a Franciscan retreat has no stipulations other than come with an ‘open mind to receive’ and that your heart is ready to dance the ‘sacred dance’ with Mother Earth, her helpers and friends of the animal kingdom. When the soul takes responsibility to actively engage in such an experience, Saint Francis walks alongside each and every soul as it enters the cathedral of Mother Nature’s domain. There, the birds become the eternal choristers chanting the praises to God. The animal kingdom patiently waits for us to join them in song too. All that they ask is that we reverently respect that they too have a rightful place with mankind in their search for a more peaceful and loving world that recognises God as their Creator. A Celtic Franciscan Retreat embraces all of creation but especially the following: The senses have an important part to play in acknowledging the beauty of all creation. Holism and Alternatives play an equal part in our self healing process. K.I.S.S. (Keep It Simple Server) is the key that unlocks the very heart of God in all creation.

The Angelic Messengers of the Four Spheres as represented in the Angel (Feng Shui) Healing Bagua. A sacred tool given to Brother Sean in 1999 as a self healing tool to overcome the impact of severe mental illness using colour and plant essences. Creating a sacred space to rest, play and enjoy being a co creator or child of God. Embracing the seasons and their gifts. Connecting with the energies associated with the Divine Feminine (Magdalene) and with the Divine Masculine (Jesus Christ). Both energies when combined as one create balance, harmony and Divine Connectedness within the soul. Honouring the responses from the heart as coming from God. Discourages the use of NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming), or similar techniques that control the heart to deny channeled messages from Source.

The ancient teachings of the Essenes to re-programme the mind and bring it into subjection of the heart centre. Embracing the positive view-point within all religious faith teachings that will enable the heart embrace a God of live not fear. Using all that Mother Nature provides for us and adopting a more holistic, alternative approach to wellness and wholeness. Embracing an eco friendly understanding of the Earth.

Adhering to the earth’s code. Adopting the Tree of Life and the symbolism of the 7 Branches and 7 Roots connecting mankind with the sacred healing energies of Heaven and Earth. Working with all groups who show respect for the diversity of the human being.

A Franciscan Retreat really does provide the soul with: Joy. Liberation. Clarity. Freedom. Reverence. Respect. Humility. Spiritual Abundance. Prosperity Consciousness A clearer understanding of the differences between religion and spirituality. A desire to want to actively engage with God and creation as part of one’s faith journey. The desire to surrender and submit one’s ego, dreams and aspirations to God in service for the whole family of God’s creation to be liberated and set free of ‘self.’ When can one make such a retreat? A Celtic Franciscan retreat can be made at any time. What to do now? For information about making an online Franciscan retreat with Brother Sean, please direct your enquiries to

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  1. Brother i believe i would like to make a retreat. Can you reply when you get my message please. Thank you. Sophie

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