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Taught by the Therapeutiae & Nazarene Essenes 8000 years ago, empowering YOU to experience Love, Light, Balance, Connectedness & Harmony in your daily life.Jesus

Embrace the healing energies of Sananda Jesus / Miriam Magdalene school of Therapeutic Touch incorporating the Angel (Feng Shui) Healing Bagua to ‘self heal, & Reprogramme your Soul’s DNA.’ with Br. Sean Bradley.

Centuries ago, the Essenes, living in the Middle East were given a set of divine rules that would help them to walk the path of faith and experience the bountiful blessing from their God. Our sacred lineage connecting the Academy with the Nazarene Essenes is directly linked with the Johannine Group of Nazarene Essenes established by Saint John, Mary Magdalene and Sananda Jesus.

Their first community was linked to Mount Carmel where the original orders of nursing monks were established. Sean’s direct lineage with Mt. Carmel is through the Order of Nursing Monks (The Alexians) a 14th century monastic nursing order.

The group established by St. John represents Love whereas the group promoted by St. Peter remains rooted to the Catholic Church as it is today representing celibacy, fear, guilt and control. Today, we are invited to embrace the divine essence of God in Jesus Christ. Jesus invites us to embrace the Christ consciousness in love. If we are willing to walk this spiritual path with Jesus Christ then we believe and accept that it will lead us to our God.

In our acceptance we embrace the Christ consciousness as a new way of life. Living in the Christ Consciousness we are invited to adopt specific core values that will empower us to self heal and reclaim our dignity as sons and daughters of God. Love represents loving God in yourself; your neighbor and everything or anything that lives, moves and has their being from God. The Light represents the presence of the divine in all – in you and me –the landscapes –the elements – the animal kingdom – the seasons. Love and Light unites the God in us –in you and in me. Love and Light is Christ Consciousness.

There are many books that tell us how to find God. But the truth is that God is not lost or hiding. In fact, it is the actual, continuous, omnipresence of God that is so hard for the human mind to fathom. Sananda Jesus instructed Saint John and Mary Magdalene well in the ancient teachings about Love and how we can please God through living in the simplicity of the NOW and doing the ordinary things extraordinarily well. But they had to safeguard the truth from those intent on destroying TRUTH.

Through embracing these ancient teachings, Jesus and Magdalene reveal to us the secret mystery that will unlock our heart to see the face of God. Therapeutic Channelling using Touch is a ‘soul therapy’ from Source!

In the presence of this absolute, unconditional healing love and light of Sananda (Jesus) and The Divine Feminine, Mary Magdalena and Mother Mary, we are empowered to take back our personal power as co creators of Source. Rather than encouraging us to seek God, Sean believes we need only make ourselves available to receive God through the daily intuitive guidance from the Master Jesus and Mary Magdalene in the presence of the Heavenly Messengers.

Training as a Therapist with Jesus and Magdalene as your teachers, you will sense the following:

  • Experience complete spiritual Liberation – the “Act” of being truly human.
  • Feel the constant rain of compassion washing over your spiritual life and receive the
  • sacred blessings that are endlessly by reality itself.
  • Reconnect with what you truly are as a child of God.
  • Embrace Mother Earth and the Nature Spirits connecting you with the Holy Father Mother God

The work of the academy is primarily to adhere to the message of Mother Mary and empower all our students and Therapists not just be exceptional therapists in service to Sananda Jesus but to be a ‘People of Prayer’ and reconnect with their heart –their Christ/God centre each day. To achieve this our students and therapists have supported Sean by establishing the Tau Tree of Life Healing Community for Light Workers, a spiritual interfaith Family reaching out to all carers and therapists in need of support, respite, education and training. It is our intention to set up Tau Healing Support Groups worldwide.

All we ask of our members is that they remain totally committed to the core values of our vision and thereby each other as a spiritual family. We pride ourselves in caring for the carer with that same love that Jesus has demonstrated to us through the Johannine Community of the Nazarene Essenes.

Are YOU searching for a spiritual family that can help YOU ‘self heal’? Then why not engage with your heart and rediscover how an ancient ‘Way of Life’ as demonstrated by the Essenes over 8000 years ago, may be relevant for your spiritual faith journey today!

Contact Br. Sean for more information!

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