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stainedglassA History of How I Came to Connect and Work with the Nazarene Essenes

From my research into the life of the Essenes over the past several years, I was amazed to discover that instead of there being just one branch of the Brotherhood there were many divisions within and in time, many became disillusioned with various leaders and their philosophies as well as their interpretation of the original teachings given to them from Enoch and then through Moses.

My findings came, as a source of absolute joy to my heart when I discovered that Jesus was not only a great prophet but also that he was also a member of the Nazarene Essenes. What is interesting is that before the death of Jesus, Saint John, the disciple whom Jesus loved, and Mary Magdalene were already working with closely with Jesus in establishing a branch within the Nazarene Essenic community that was to be later known as the Johannine Community.

The followers of this sect of Essenes did not adhere to the more traditional Nazarene lines to which St Peter; the apostle had already adopted enforcing an allegiance to the school of Zadok, which enforced celibacy, circumcision and animal sacrifice. From the influence of St. Peter, the first Pope, the early Christian Fathers have religiously protected St. Peter’s strict Essenic school of beliefs re: enforced celibacy for clergy and adherence to a way of life that has always been fear driven, thus safeguarded the original teachings of St Peter.

Today, evidence of the more traditional religious rules and regulations that St Peter enforced has continued through the teachings of the Catholic Church. It would appear that reference to the Divine Feminine and any connection with embracing her energies were removed by the early Fathers. Hence a male dominated belief that lacked balance and a cause for the sterility in worship today.

Three major religious Orders came to follow the spirituality of this line of Essenic theology, namely, the Cistercians, the Carthusians and the Benedictines. The word Nazarene was soon replaced by the new name of Christian –followers of Christ to this day. St. Peter and his disciples decided not to be known as Nazarene Essenes but as Christians. Jesus never gave his disciples or followers this name as He always referred to himself as a Nazarene. Herein became the schism that was to perpetrate itself for two thousand years and cause division within the family of God calling themselves followers of Jesus.

The school of liberalized, less restrictive Essenic studies as taught by St. John and Mary Magdalene under the ever watchful eye of the Master Jesus was a ‘way of life’ that focused more not on the keeping of the written word and animal sacrifice in the temple but more about living a life based on love. The Johannine community was a vibrant community that consisted of men and women who shared everything in community like their ancestors did.

Their philosophy was more in tune with the Essene Brotherhood, the Therapeutae in Egypt. Naturally, the traditions and culture of the Egyptian peoples will have had a marked influence upon Jesus the young boy growing into adulthood. There, Jesus would have met up wise Masters and Teachers who lived a different way of life to that of the Nazarene Essenes and the Qumran Essenes. The methodology and daily rituals of washing each others feet would have inspired Jesus to introduce this aspect of servant-hood into

His daily teachings as the Messiah, the long awaited Son of God. Around this time Jesus would have been introduced to Mary Magdalene who was a serving High Priestess in the Temple of Isis. Their both would have exchanged ideas and reflected on their sacred journey in service to God and looked at a different way of life that would incorporate both the traditional Nazarene school of thought but allow love to flow instead of the rigid teachings of Zadok.

Saint John believed that love was what really mattered in the service of the new community. Both Mary Magdalene and St. John wrote the Gospel of St. John and the emphasis was more about serving a God of Love through performing acts of worship that involved embracing divine love. The school that St John and Mary Magdalene established with the blessing of Jesus, came under attack from St Peter and many of the more traditional members of the old Nazarene rite. To safeguard the original teachings of the Master Jesus St John and Mary Magdalene along with Mary, the Mother of Jesus and several close followers had to leave Jerusalem and remain discreet until a time was right for them to go more public without further oppression and attacks from St. Peter’s followers.

To this present day, there remains two distinct divisions within the family of Jesus namely that of St. Peter who remained loyal to the philosophies and teachings based on Zadok. St. John adopted a more liberal group known as the ‘children of Love’ where celibacy was not an essential requirement for initiates to join. After the death of the Master Jesus, St. John ensured that the teachings of the Master Jesus would be safeguarded from falling into the wrong hands and many copies were made of the original teachings given to them by the Master and buried for safekeeping. Several of these sacred manuscripts were later found in Egypt in 1947. To this day, many of the original writings of Jesus and Mary Magdalene have remained a source of real consternation for certain religious scholars in particular members within the Catholic hierarchy.

In light of what Jesus already knew regarding what was to happen in the future, the Master Jesus who was present among his disciples, he had already named the Master St. John as the leader of and the person responsible for this inner and secret School. It is the Master St. John who was put in charge of teaching in this School and of ensuring that the exercises were done correctly. Thereafter, the Master St. John continued his task, even after Jesus’ departure. He remained faithful and opened inner Schools in most European countries. These Schools continued to exist in secret and have propagated themselves right up to our own time, keeping Christ’s teaching pure, exactly as the Essenes had kept pure Moses’ secret and authentic teaching. Today, parts of this Teaching and of its techniques are being extended to the outside world because a new time of harvesting and sowing has arrived.

The Master had given very precise directives for this work, and during some very beautiful communal ceremonies–notably the washing of the feet–he had made it understood that each one of them was becoming one with him in the Christ, that each one of them was becoming a part of the Christ on the earth, and that the final incarnation of the Christ inside all humans depended on the work of each one of them. Under the leadership and guidance given to Mary Magdalene from God, she taught the early disciples of the Johannine community in the art of anointing the feet and hands of the members as well as followers with the sacred oils of Spikenard.

Jesus had also transmitted songs, sounds, words, dances and movements which had to be done in a particular state of mind and with a great inner purity in order to produce certain effects within oneself and within the soul of the earth. He taught that, in this way, certain very pure spiritual beings that live inside the soul of man and of the earth could be awakened, nourished, and strengthened in the will of the Heavenly Father Mother God. The Johannine School of Essenes very much embraced the Divine Feminine as is evident through the sustainability of a vibrant balanced community that has lived through two thousand years of oppression from mainstream Christianity.

The message from the many channellings coming through from Jesus, Mother Mary and the Archangels reflects the importance for all light workers to return to incorporating the Divine Feminine back into our daily worship and meditation before God. When we deny ourselves the richness of embracing the Divine Feminine, then we run the risk of going the same way that the followers of St. Peter have gone since then. The Church today need balance and where there is balance there is true harmony.

From the time of St. John onwards, the Johannine school made a firm foundation on Mount Carmel where to this day, members of that sect continue to practice the ancient teachings as taught by the Master Jesus. They are not known by the name Christians but by the name of Nazarenes, followers of Jesus the Nazarene Essene.

St. John and St Mary Magdalene attracted many followers over the centuries to Mount Carmel hoping to find the esoteric teachings of the Master. From Mount Carmel we know that the great St Theresa of Avila and St. John of the Cross, both Carmelites, were known for their exceptional work on spirituality and Mysticism within the Christian community. Mount of Carmel was to become a place of pilgrimage a special place where the original teachings of Jesus would be discovered by the founding Fathers of our modern day nursing orders of men and women who work to the core values of the traditional teachings of St John and Mary Magdalene.

In the early part of the Nazarene, (St John) and the Christian Church (St. Peter), men and women in search of divine truth came to Mount Carmel. So you are probably wondering how did ‘Sean Bradley’ come to the Essenes? It does seem strange writing my memoirs about how my life has been guided by divine love and to reach this place, my life has literally been turned inside out leaving no stone unturned by Jesus.

I now realize that my ‘lineage’ with the St John and Mary Magdalene School of the Johannine Community of Nazarene Essenes came about when I was professed as a nursing monk of the Alexian Order on the 8th December 1968, the Feast of the Immaculate Conception of the Mother of God. The sacred rites of the ‘Laying on of hands’ and the anointing of hands and feet that were taught by St John and St. Mary Magdalene were perpetuated throughout the centuries by dedicated religious and spiritually motivated men and women who carried on this sacred line of their ancient school on all initiates who entered religious life in service to God.

At that time little did I realize that I was connected with such a community nor had I any aspirations to be a radical thinker. However, after many years of soul searching and questioning my Catholic faith, I finally came to the conclusion that a) Mary Magdalene was never a prostitute nor was she a sinner. I have always believed that Mary Magdalene was a powerful and gifted soul spiritually and I knew in my heart that her relationship with Jesus was more that a servant or sinner.

I have always held the belief that here was a great giant of a spiritual woman whose love and teachings have inspired me to do what I do. I believe that she is our teacher when we administer the therapy, the anointing of clients feet and hands during the therapy. I know that thee was a time when I was a young nursing monk I had difficulty accepting the Church and her explanation that Mary Magdalene was a woman of adultery and sinful pleasures. I experienced ridicule for not accepting the traditional teachings of my Church and am pleased that I never gave into their views either.

Today, whilst I respect the Catholic Church for the richness of its diversity and knowledge, I have come to realise that during the time of Jesus there were many who envied the influence that Mary Magdalene had on the life of Jesus. I realise from my own human frailty and many mistakes how human nature can interfere with the plans that God has for us by going to our ego and thus isolating ourselves from God.

Many a long year have I drifted on the high seas of discontent fueled by negativism and fear that controlled my life and ultimately destroyed my relationship with God? Yes, I left God because of the fear-based culture that was generated through the St Peter’s concept of the Nazarene beliefs.

To reach the place where I am today, I had to be broken in my mind, body and spirit so as to see the ‘real Jesus’ and sense His unconditional love for me. I had to take responsibility for my life and review my understanding of whom Jesus is and what His life had to offer me. Decisions were made to end my daily relationship with the traditional teachings of the Catholic Church and go with my heart and wait on the Jesus of the Gospels to speak with my heart.

I am humbled and honoured to have found my true path and know that when I look back on the past 58 years that God did have a plan for Sean, the Barefoot Angel Man and it was to be free and enjoy a meaningful relationship with God based on absolute love.

Looking back I realise that December 1968 was the beginning of my faith journey as a Nazarene Essene of the St John family. Also the 17th March 2003 was another significant time in my life when my dear friend Alison Knox, of EveryDay Angels, presented me with a beautiful channelled painting of the Archangel Metatron (The Prophet Enoch) with a specific message ‘ For Sean Jude Bradley, to heal souls broken by man in ignorance and pain.’ How significant was that?

At the time, I did not comprehend the importance of the message but now I can see the hand of God speak simple words to my heart to carry on with the work that Jesus has invited me to do as a channeller of His love through he anointing of the feet and hand’s of others using the healing oils that His beloved Mary Magdalene used on his feet.

Today, it is the Master Jesus who invites others to ‘Come and Follow Him’ as therapists of the Academy and now as committed members of the Tau community. When our students come to be attuned to the Christ, Magdalene Healing energies, it is the Master Jesus who does the transference of healing energy through my hands. I know that this has been my life’s path to be a direct descendent of Jesus as a member of the Johannine Community of St John and Mary Magdalene. The gift is not mine to abuse but to use in their name to perpetuate their healing love for all.

From as far back as I can recall, I have always prayed for unity and peace among all faiths and none. I have never ever prayed for peace within the Christian community. In saying that, I was greatly inspired by the teachings of Brother Roger who established the Taize community in France. Here was a man of God who decided to do something beautiful for God like St. Francis and unite all of the Christian denominations to form a monastic inter Christian faith community. Sadly, as with all religious groups and none more so than in the time of Jesus when divisions were inevitable for the early Nazarene Essenes as evident by the split in the Nazarene family by St Peter and St. John.

Two great men who loved the Master Jesus but who through their own agendas decided to forfeit what their hearts were saying and go with the head –ego. I sense the reason why we should be given a message from Lord Kutumi (St. Francis) was because of the way the various religious leaders and their members have inadvertently lost sight of their vision-a vision given to them by God to be instruments of peace and promote the love of God for all to share and enjoy. Where do we find the ‘Barefoot Galilean today? Is He to be found in the great Basilicas and Temples? I hope so but in my heart I sense that The Master Jesus is knocking on the great Cathedral doors to ask permission to re-enter and celebrate Love and Light with them. We have somewhere in time, lost sight of A LOVING CARING SPIRITUAL COMMUNITY.

The Tau Community of St Francis came about when a group of our students and therapists were given a channelled message from Lord Kutumi in July 2006. It said, Re: Establishing our new Tau Community serving all light workers and carers “Beloved Child of God, Your heart is full if questions for what the future may bring. Know you are one with God of the Universe forever holds you safe and connected at all times. This will never fail you despite the challenges, which will at times prevent you or attempt to prevent you remembering this.

The work you have done to date is like a reservoir or love bank, a safety net if you like, which despite what you perceive as challenges will not be challenges at all, but will be a ‘walk in the park.’ You have truly honoured your Sacred Contract, Beloved One, the path you have chosen is a true one –know that the vision of the community came directly from us –the Brotherhood of the Elect –those Brothers with whom you walked the earth plane in Lifetimes before and who now serve you from the Spiritual Realms. You are truly blessed and supported.

Those human souls that now surround and truly connect with you are those that have walked with you before, they were part of the long, lost Essenic Family. The scattered family is now reforming and in your reformation your strength and solidarity will be formidable. Even those souls that have challenged you recently, are in fact Essenes themselves and will be humbled in the face of what you achieve for their hearts will no longer be able to deny the truth of who they really are. Your community of New Age Essenes will grow and expand and connect with other communities of the New Age. You are truly are coming Home. Your Brother in Light always, I reside forever in your heart. Channelled message from Lord Kutumi to Sean via our Sister Bev on 25th July 2006

As I conclude this resume of how I came to find the Nazarene Essenes, or more to the point, how Jesus found me at long last, would be to say that in my heart when my Mother told me many years ago that when I was born as their first born son in Glasgow on 21st December 1948, when I was been baptised a Catholic Christian it was customary to dedicate that son to the Mother of God. I have always sensed that Mother Mary has played an important part in my faith journey and know that God had a plan for me albeit not realising it at that time.

Today, I am thankful for my religious upbringing in the Catholic Church and for the monastic training that have enriched my life with so many positive aspirations to do something beautiful for God and with His Son Jesus the Nazarene Essene. If part of their plan is to use my gifts, their gifts to my life, as a founding member of the Tau Community to establish an interfaith group like the Essenes during the time of Jesus then I am blessed to be a part of that vision. I believe that our world today desperately needs visionaries who will remain at the very heart of God and connect not with their head, their egos but with their heart and soul and permit God to reconnect with them.

The story of the Prodigal Son by Jesus was one story that really touched my life. I always recognised myself as that ‘Prodigal Son’ who left home and squandered his inheritance. I was challenged when I discovered to my personal cost that I was not the prodigal son but his brother. The brother who envied and moaned about his lot. In other words, why waste time worrying about what we don’t have? Is it not better to thank God for the things we do have and celebrate our life by sharing all that we have been given with another whose needs are greater than ours.

Materialism is not evil! It is what we do with it, or in the case of many light workers today, the envy of not having it creates the problems for those of us who have failed to self heal and embrace the simple teachings of Sananda Jesus, the Barefoot Nazarene who invites us to ‘come and see’ and Be at the very heart of God. The angelic realms only give us our needs-not our wants. So to be a member of the Tau community is more about sharing what we do have, namely the love and Joy of embracing the ancient teachings of the Johannine school of Essenic love and light.

The Way Forward
To carry on as Jesus has instructed and continue with the Sean Bradley Academy and deliver the following for soul seekers in search of truth.

To deliver our range of courses in Therapeutic Channelling for Therapists. To continue inviting Groups of Therapists to join us on our spiritual retreats to Taba by the Red Sea and connect with the Johannine school of Essenes. To invite light workers embrace the ancient mysteries of both the St. John and Mary Magdalene in our spiritual guided retreats here at Chapel Gap in the South Lakes. To be available for those light workers who are stuck in their spiritual journey and who need ongoing therapeutic support; pastoral care, spiritual direction, or maybe counselling to empower them take back their power and sense the love and peace of the Master Jesus in their lies again.

Mentor light workers into establishing small healing groups based on the ancient teachings of Sananda Jesus the Nazarene Essene.
To educate and guide light workers create angel peace gardens whereby they can connect with the divine in their home surroundings.
The Tau Community of Saint Francis:
To work with Lord Kutumi (St. Francis) and be guided by all the Ascended Masters in their desire to bring about a resurrected Johannine Interfaith ‘Essene Community’ here in the South Lakes and across the world as Centres for Peace. A place where all seekers of truth can embrace divine love regardless of faith, religious persuasion, sexuality, colour, creed, disability etc. the Tau vision is about supporting all light workers of all faiths and none by:
To establish small residential communities for light workers to come live as brothers and sisters, sharing love and light as a living vibrant community, underpinned by the ancient teachings of the Nazarene Essenes and the Master Jesus.
Living in that community that the brothers and sisters will agree to come together three times daily to recite the Daily Communions as taught by the Master Jesus.
To provide a centre whereby carers, therapists and others can receive support, education and training in all matters relating to spirituality, eco systems safeguarding the planet.
To work for justice, peace and equality for all regardless of beliefs, etc.
To be a spiritual interfaith family that sees the divine within all as children of God regardless of their personal beliefs, cultures, ethnicity, etc.
To establish Holistic festivals uniting all therapists within the holistic field of alternative medicine to learn from each other and thereby reach out and offer practical support and brotherly and sisterly love.

If you would like to know more about Sean Bradley’s online courses, please visit the Courses & Retreats Section.

©Sean Bradley 2007.

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