The Tau Symbol of St. Francis

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Tau CrossHere we have a sacred symbol that genuinely represents peace, unity, wholeness for light workers. Today, light workers are facing many challenges in their personal lives leaving them feeling depleted in energy and isolated.

The therapists of the Sean Bradley Academy were given a vision from Lord Kutumi (Saint Francis) in July 2006, inviting us to establish an interfaith community across the world supporting all therapists and carers access healing support and respite.

Being a member of the Tau Community is like joining a family of ‘soul mates’ that eventually become Friends for life.

“Hold back nothing of yourself for yourself, so that he who gives Himself totally to you may receive you totally.”  – St. Francis.

The family of Tau cares for the ‘Wounded Healer’ in our society? Many people who have become therapists do so, because they genuinely want to help others; many come to train as therapists of the Academy because they have worked through healing themselves and feel they are in a position to help others. However, when we begin to help others, the healing of others naturally brings up unfinished business within ourselves. Unless we are fully aware of this, we can end up projecting our problems onto the already traumatized client /patient, sometimes in a very subtle way. Everyone likes to see a way of life lived and demonstrated so they can see for themselves that it is workable, that there is nothing theoretical or airy-fairy about it.

A recent channelled message from Sananda Jesus spoke a clear message to our hearts. “What you are doing here in this Centre of Light is something many will do in the days ahead. Therefore you hold a very great responsibility in your hands, and all that is done here must be clear for all to see. Never try to keep what you have found for yourselves. It has been given to you freely, therefore you must give it freely to those who ask and seek. You have done pioneering work; let others reap the benefit of your experience gladly and joyously. This is how this wonderful way of life will be speeded up, and more and more souls will live it and put it into practice until My kingdom is brought down on earth for all to see. With love and many blessings, Sananda Jesus.

The future of the Tau vision depends on all light workers taking it to their own hearts and making it a reality. Society needs light workers of integrity and who better than all of us to unite as one family in love and Light. There is a practical way that you can support the Tau vision and the community by helping us form an alliance of Light Workers willing to embrace our Holistic Festivals. These Festivals will hopefully unite therapists to come together under one roof and share their skills to each other as well as the public. The end result will be to raise the profile of the vision and hopefully raise financial support for all light workers and carers.

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