The Essenes

Rediscover Holistic Energy Medicine

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Taught by the Therapeutiae & Nazarene Essenes 8000 years ago, empowering YOU to experience Love, Light, Balance, Connectedness & Harmony in your daily life.Jesus

Embrace the healing energies of Sananda Jesus / Miriam Magdalene school of Therapeutic Touch incorporating the Angel (Feng Shui) Healing Bagua to ‘self heal, & Reprogramme your Soul’s DNA.’ with Br. Sean Bradley.

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My History with the Essenes

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stainedglassA History of How I Came to Connect and Work with the Nazarene Essenes

From my research into the life of the Essenes over the past several years, I was amazed to discover that instead of there being just one branch of the Brotherhood there were many divisions within and in time, many became disillusioned with various leaders and their philosophies as well as their interpretation of the original teachings given to them from Enoch and then through Moses.

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