Divine Healing Working in Partnership with the Science of Prayer

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Divine Healing Working in Partnership with the Science of Prayer

Divine Healing Working in Partnership with the Science of Prayer

An effective healer is one who is attached to the divine and detached from the self, the ego. We are invited by the Creator to remain focussed, not on what we can do as healers, but on what God can and will do through our childlike trust and simplicity.

But what is the science of prayer? Saint Francis of Assisi held the view that prayer is a conscious awareness of the presence of the divine God in everything that lives, moves and breathes as having their existence from Source – the Creator. The science of prayer is a collective response, uniting minds and hearts to send out positive love and light (Christ Consciousness) to the universe. Collective prayer ‘love and light’ will prevent ancient prophecies, as predicted by Notradamus, from having a devastating impact upon our society and the earth.

Prayer works from one’s heart centre and connects with all that we truly are as a child of light. We are empowered by the healing essence of divine love to connect with the Source, and through our very existence, we become co-creators of the divine for the divine. Our daily contact with God through nature and working with the angels, transforms us into living sanctuaries where the Creator God resides. Even the animal kingdom has an angelic presence that connects with our soul when we have had the scales of ‘self hate’ removed. The angels of the earth realm and the animal kingdom are our teachers, as they know only selfless love for their Creator, and in turn manifest this to everything that lives, that moves and has its existence from Source.

Prayer is not only that which is used in a church. The science of prayer teaches us that when we embrace God within our life and our life’s work as teachers and healers, we behold perfection and beauty. When the Creator made us he made perfection. When we operate from our ‘head centre’ we experience the ugly face of our humanity and imperfections and deny ourselves the opportunity to experience selfless, reverent, healing love.

The presence of selfless love inspires us to release all negative energy and reclaim our divinity as a co-creator of God. But first we have to connect and release our inner wounded child, before we can ‘Behold-Enfold-Hold-Listen to the sacred voices of pure divine love.

Many centuries ago, a group of dedicated scholars decided to vacate mainstream society and agreed to live in community in isolation from the negative energy of towns and cities. They lived usually in an oasis or by the lakes suitable for communing with their God three times daily through invoking the angels of nature realms. They dedicated their lives to serving their God, sharing a common purpose, with equality as their core value. Their love of the holy books and sacred writings of the ancients inspired them to painstakingly write down each document. The group

were known as the Essenes and it was their teachings and simple philosophy “The Tree of Live” that inspired many great men and women to dedicate their lives to God in daily prayer both then and more importantly today. According to the Gnostic Gospels, several well-known names were members of this group, including Jesus, John the Baptist, Peter, Mark, John and Mary Magdalene.

“The Gospel of Peace of Jesus Christ written by John” by Edmond Szekely caused a sensation when it was first published in 1936. Although it was a translation of only a fraction of the original Aramaic script, more than 250,000 copies have been sold throughout the world. After 40 years of painstaking efforts, Dr Szekely finally completed the manuscript revealing the pure, original words of Jesus translated from the Aramaic tongue spoken nearly 2000 years ago. Szekely directly makes reference to Jesus being a Nazarene Essene.

In November 2003, we entered a new phase of enlightenment known as the Harmonic Concordance that facilitated a major shift or an awareness of spirituality, in particular our own beliefs. Many scholars have reported the year 2012 as the dawn of the New Aquarius, when we enter a major shift in divine consciousness that will directly have a positive impact for all who work as light workers and spiritual healers.

So many therapists who work in partnership with spiritual healing energy, fail to take care of their own spiritual needs. They operate from a place of isolation and neglect the spiritual life, which should be an essential part of all that they are as a child of God. When the self gets in the way of the healing process, our negative voices isolate our spiritual connectedness with our God and thus release energies, which can be transferred from the therapist to the client leaving them in a vulnerable place. This is not what spiritual, divine healing is about.

Working with the Divine asks only this, that we ‘Behold-Enfold-Hold and Listen’ to the inner sacred voices, communicating love and light to our heart centre. This demands that we reconnect with all that we truly are as a co- creator of God and that we listen to Him in periods of silence. “Silence is the sister of the divine.”

Therapists who work from their head centre are often overwhelmed with their own personal issues. In light of what is revealed to them, they become focussed on their worries, their fears and insecurities. They lack the integrity that is required of them as therapists and healers. But we are invited each day to come back to the Source, the Creator who loves us.

Therapeutic channelling, using sacred oils to anoint the feet of clients and therapists, is another such prayer demonstrating God’s love for His children through the art of connecting one’s soul, mind and heart with Him in the presence of the healing energies of the Lord Christ and the angelic realms. Silence is another powerful prayer that opens our heart to receive pure love, affirming us that we are whole, perfect and complete in the presence of God.

Through practical prayer – a lifting or raising up of our mind and heart before the Creator in the presence of Christ Consciousness and the angelic realms, messengers of God, we are empowered to take back our personal power and control and work from a place of selfless, reverent, healing love that embraces all and everything that we come into contact with as a healer or therapist working is partnership with the Divine God/dess.

Let your Divine Light Shine In.

Brother Sean



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