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Brother Sean’s Youtube Playlists & Podcasts ‘Celtic Franciscan Spirituality

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Brother Sean’s Youtube Playlists

Franciscan Celtic Spirituality

The Life of Saint Francis of Assisi by Brother Sean

The Franclara Abbey of Peace and Compassion

The Daily Prayers of the Tau Community of Saint Francis

Franciscan Retreat Series ‘7 Keys 2 Spiritual Wholeness and Wellness led by Br. Sean

The Heart 2 Soul Reflections 4 Spiritual healing

Guided Meditations Led by Brother Sean

The 2012 Video Series ‘Cosmic Christ Consciousness’

Brother Sean’s AudioPodcasts

What does Celtic Monasticism mean to your heart?

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Brother Sean’s Published Articles

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  1. Preparing for the Influx of Light
  2. Physician Heal Thyself
  3. Scapegoats for God
  4. Brides of Sananda
  5. Creating a Healing Vortex of Light to Self Heal
  6. Embracing the Divine Feminine-Magdalene Energies
  7. Forsaking Your Comfort Zone
  8. Many Are Called but only a FEW are Chosen
  9. God’s Olympians for 2012
  10. Personal Accountability with Responsibility
  11. Recognising God’s Voice
  12. Set My People Free
  13. Ministry of Practical Spirituality (M.O.P.S.)
  14. Anecdotal Evidence of Spiritual Warfare
  15. Spring Cleaning for your Soul
  16. Angelology and the Tree of Life of the Essenes
  17. A Challenge to all Light Workers seeking Truth and Wholeness
  18. Contemplative Living- We Are Already One
  19. Angels
  20. An Integrated Spiritual Ecology
  21. Lenten Reflections for the Soul seeking Love
  22. Personal Message from Christ to you
  23. Prayer- How to be confident that you’ll get what you have asked for..
  24. Promised Protection – Secret Rapture or Place of Safety
  25. Defining Moments for the Soul
  26. Personal Reflections for December 2009 ‘Let Your Yes be Yes and your No be No
  27. Empowering Clients embrace the Natural World- The Franciscan Soul. Brother Sean’s Healing Ministry
  28. Brother Sean’s Products inspired by Divine Love
  29. About the Monastery of Saint Francis- A Secret Oasis

All donations, however large or small, will all go towards supporting our Eco sustainable Lay Monastic Abbey, ‘Franclara Abbey of Peace and Compassion.’

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ivybridgeWe’re working diligently to construct all of the content and offerings for the page! Please stay tuned!

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